Aftersun Lotion Verattiva 200 ml


After-sun balm for your body. Particularly delicate dermoprotective emulsion able to take care of the skin after exposure to the sun. Promotes hydration and regeneration of the skin, as well as an effective soothing action against the most common symptoms of sunburn.

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Aftersun Lotion Verattiva 200 ml directions for use: Apply the after sun balm on the skin evenly after exposure to the sun, reapply frequently so as to ensure proper skin hydration.

Aftersun Lotion Verattiva 200 ml functional Active: Idraloe: made of pure organic Aloe Vera gel that can soothe and moisturize the skin; Probiofactor 2.0: complex consisting of Probiotic Prebiotic fibers in combination with Thermus Thermophilus ferment able to defend against UV and IR damage; Edelweiss stem cells, preserves the components of the skin, thanks to its anti-collagenase and antiialuronidasica activity, protects against free radicals induced by UV and IR radiation; Natural sediment of the Brenta basin, a complex mixture of inorganic substances such as Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and organic substances, naturally rich in Vitamin A, E, β Carotene has an intense soothing action on the skin; Dipotassium Glycontrininate, derivative of the licorice plant, known for its effective soothing action against the most intense symptoms of sunburn.

Brand: Specchiasol

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