Pure Essential Oils

The best pure essential oils 100% made in Italy!

We have selected for you the multi-certified and pure essential oils of Flora bio and of the Magnifica Essenza line, produced in the Val di Fiemme Alps, under the guidance of prof. Marco Valussi. They can be used for diffusion, cosmetics and aromatherapy. You will also find pure Maternatura oils, for use with diffusers and cosmetics.

These essences are “natural”, “pure”, of “high quality”. What is meant? The terms “natural” and “pure” refer to the authenticity of the oil, to the fact that it is “unadulterated” and comes from the defined botanical species. The term “quality” refers to the degree of excellence of the pure essential oil itself.

We take great care in the sale of essential oils and, of course, in the “online sale of essential oils” which is an extremely important area for us.

For a wider use you can associate them if you want to some hydrosol or massage oil pure and certified by Flora bio, or to our clays, among our face and body products.

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  • balsamic

    Balsamic essential oils: Lessinia essences 100 ml

  • best lavender essential oil

    Best lavender essential oil pure 5ml organic

  • bitter orange essential oil

    Bitter orange essential oil 10 ml

  • Sale! breathing better

    Breathing better: “Breath” synergy of essences 10 ml

  • acqua di gio profumo

    Eau de Parfum Man inspired by Acqua di Gio profumo 50 ml

  • hypnotic poison

    Eau de parfum woman inspired by Hypnotic poison Dior 50 ml

  • oli essenziali rilassanti

    Essential oil for anxiety and relax blended 10 ml

  • herbs oil

    Herbs oil: Oil 31 original formula 100 ml

  • Sale! Lemon essential oil

    Lemon essential oil for skin and diffuser 10 ml


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