Face care

The face care products you find in this department are professional and safe 100% Made in Italy, selected for you by our experienced and graduated staff.

Our certified eco-friendly cosmetics and cosmeceuticals selected for face care and lips are specific for: dry skin, mixed and impure skin, acne, sensitive skin, skin with spots, mature skin. In case of face spots, we recommend our natural serums and creams with snail slime. Choose the right one for you!

As for the lips, you will find cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to firm them, to protect them and also to treat their contour from any small wrinkles.

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  • anti age face cream

    Anti age face cream BIO with Lavendula 50 ml

  • Sale! Anti ageing natural face mask

    Anti ageing natural face mask vegan ok 10 gr

  • Sale! anti aging night cream

    Anti aging night cream for face 50 ml

  • anti wrinkle eye cream

    Anti wrinkle eye cream & Lips BIO Intensive 15 ml

  • best face cream for wrinkles

    Best face cream for wrinkles 50 ml: snail slime cream

  • best micellar water

    Best micellar water: Anti Age Micellar Water 5 in 1

  • Sale! Best oil dry skin

    Best oil dry skin for Face Body Hair

  • Sale! body peeling

    Body peeling and Facial peeling cosmeceutical

  • sapone alla calendula

    Calendula soap 100 gr 100% vegetable


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