Artisanal soap

The natural soaps that we offer are handmade soap for the delicate cleansing of face and body are 100% Made in Italy and 100% vegetable.

These artisanal soap by Laboratorio Naturale are made according to the ancient artisan tradition with the classic cold kneading method, which allows to keep the thermolabile active ingredients unaltered. The basis of the pure composition consists only of 100% edible coconut oil, to which the specific vegetable ingredient is added.
During the artisanal saponification process, glycerin is naturally formed, which is very important for the softening of a good soap. Here the presence of glycerin is evident since it allows our soaps to be cut to a difference of the synthetic ones which are hard and stony.

Discover them all and find the one that’s right for you!

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  • sapone alla calendula

    Calendula soap 100 gr 100% vegetable

  • sapone alla lavanda

    Handmade lavender soap 100% vegetal 100 gr

  • saponetta viso pelle grassa

    Oily skin soap: Burdock soap 100% vegetable 100 gr

  • sapone vegetale

    Rose petal soap 100% vegetable 100 gr

  • saponetta tea tree

    Tea tree soap 100% vegetable 100 gr


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