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Here are our professional proposals for women health, and in particular candida and menopause. The candida supplements CandiFast for women and men are tested and safe and you can combine them with lactic ferments for intolerant people and our Medical Devices: natural vaginal lavage, natural vaginal ovules, gel and FitoIntimo intimate liquid soap. In particular, compared to other candida supplements, CandiFast Resolution is useful for both acute and preventive candida. See also our complete candida kits. Read also our post.

As for our menopause supplements, PsycheLiberaVamp has a unique extract that seeks to resolve multiple symptoms pertaining to menopause.

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  • Candida albicans

    Candida albicans treatment: Candifast resolution

  • Sale! gemmoderivato mirtillo rosso

    Intestinal disorders: Cranberry Bud Extract 50 ml

  • menopause natural  supplement

    Menopause natural supplement: Psyche LiberaVAMP

  • Sale! Natural remedies for menopause

    Natural remedies for menopause: Cimifugae 60 cpr

  • Sale! Sindrome pre mestruale

    Pre menstrual syndrome: Chaste tree M.T. 50 ml

  • Sage mother tincture

    Sage mother tincture 50 ml

  • Vaginal candidiasis

    Vaginal candidiasis how to prevent: KIT

  • vaginal douching

    Vaginal douching Phytointimo Multipack

  • vaginal gel

    Vaginal gel: PhytoIntimo Lubricating gel 40 ml


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