Weight loss supplements

We offer you natural supplements for weight loss in various formulas: in capsules, tablets and drinks. Obviously, eating well and following a healthy diet is the starting point; we also add “trying to stay calm”, even if it is not always easy: stress is one of the causes of weight gain, especially in these difficult years caused by this pandemic.

Nature helps and supports us anyway, with its simple richness and this is what Erboristeriacomo.it has selected for you based on the most up-to-date scientific studies and the best formulations on the Made in Italy market!

Losing weight, or simply “losing weight” is a generic term and for this you will find many products: to reduce abdominal fat, belly and hips, for nervous hunger, to improve metabolism … find what is right for you and for a personalized advice on the natural supplements for weight loss that are most suitable for you we are at your disposal.

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  • Sale! Best organic spirulina tablets

    Best organic spirulina tablets Biosline 150 tablets

  • binge eating disorder

    Binge eating disorder: FameSel against hunger 300 ml

  • Body fat

    Body fat: DrenaSel Active 500 ml

  • Bromelain 500 mg

    Bromelain 500 mg digestion & microcirculation

  • Fat burner

    Fat burner tablets: Brucia Fat 30 tablets

  • hips fat

    Hips fat Belly & Buttocks: Burns&drains Fast 20 tablets

  • water retention

    Water retention: Draining Strong 300 ml


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