Urinary tract infections supplements

In our online herbalist’s shop we offer you a selection of specific urinary tract infections supplements, natural, for inflammation and cystitis and also one of the most effective natural prostate supplements on the market. Exclusive formulations and raw materials from a short supply chain, Made in Italy.

Maintaining a healthy urinary system is important because it allows you to:

  • eliminate well, through the production of urine, the products of intermediate metabolism, in particular nitrogenous ones deriving from the degradation of protein substances (eg urea, uric acid, creatinine);
  • maintain the water and salt balance, blood pH, blood pressure and blood composition unaltered, being the main route of elimination of water and ions;
  • optimally remove foreign substances, drugs and their metabolites, introduced intentionally or accidentally into the body.

The symptoms that characterize urinary tract infections are different: burning sensation when passing urine (dysuria), frequent urination, increased nocturnal urination, kidney pain if the infection affects the upper urinary tract. The most common acute infection is that localized to the bladder (cystitis).

We are at your disposal for personalized advice on natural urinary tract supplements. You will find a professional and experienced staff at your service. Read also our post.

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