Systemic circulation supplements

We offer you a wide range of effective microcirculation and Systemic circulation supplements, for the well-being of the central and peripheral circulatory pathways. They are the result of long and in-depth research conducted following the most reliable and up-to-date scientific studies; their preparation is by industry professionals with international experience, with the most modern technologies and innovative formulations.

Our microcirculation and Systemic circulation supplements are natural, certified, patented, produced in full respect of the herbalist tradition and Made in Italy.

Among the circulation supplements you will find: omega3 ifos, supplements to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, supplements useful even in case of metabolic syndromes, but also supplements for microcirculation, for the well-being of legs that are often swollen, heavy and tired but also for well-being eyes and sight.

For any clarification or personal advice we are at your disposal, contact us.

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  • Sale! Gemmoderivato Olivo 50 ml

    Arterial hypertension: Olive Bud Extract 50 ml

  • Sale! gemmoderivato di castagno

    Bad circulation in legs: Chestnut Bud Extract 50 ml

  • Sale! Best quercetin supplement

    Best quercetin supplement: Quercetina Advance 30 cps

  • Bromelain 500 mg

    Bromelain 500 mg digestion & microcirculation

  • Sale! high blood pressure treatment

    High blood pressure treatment: No press Specchiasol

  • High cholesterol treatment

    High cholesterol treatment: No colest 40 pearls

  • hypercholesterolemia

    Hypercholesterolemia: COLESTarmony Plus 60 tablets

  • legs feel heavy

    Legs feel heavy: Gel Ice Effect for legs 125 ml

  • Sale! low glycemic index

    Low glycemic index: Glucoerb Original 60 tablets