Food Intolerances and Intestine

We offer you exclusive intestinal supplements, for intestinal weel being and for food intolerances. This supplements are selected in each ingredient for true intestinal well-being, for children, teenagers and adults.

Each selected supplement has an exclusive formulation, with active ingredients titled by professionals in the sector according to the most up-to-date scientific studies. You will find supplements to restore the intestinal bacterial flora for adults, children and food intolerant containing exclusive probiotics and prebiotics in targeted dosages to rebalance the intestinal flora (microbiota), but also exclusive products for lactose and gluten intolerant, supplements for constipation, supplements for hemorrhoids. Our intestine supplements are developed with the best Italian universities.

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  • abdominal swelling

    Abdominal swelling Aeris drops 20 ml

  • Chronic constipation remedy

    Chronic constipation remedy: Syrup Vado 30 sticks

  • Chronic constipation

    Chronic constipation: Rhalax grani Original 25 gr

  • Sale! Colon irritation

    Colon irritation: Colonvin powder 100 gr

  • Digestive disorders

    Digestive disorders: Fibraxen Specchiasol sachets

  • digestive enzymes

    Digestive Enzymes: Intolerance Digest 40 tablets

  • dysbiosis

    Dysbiosis: synbiotics Erboflora Rigenera 12 vials

  • gastritis

    Gastritis: Gastro ReBuild Intolerance 45 tablets

  • Hemorroids pads

    Hemorroids pads: Phytoproct hemorrhoids supplement


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