Breastfeeding natural supplements

Breastfeeding has numerous benefits for the newborn and is recommended at least until the sixth month of life. Milk production generally does not depend on maternal nutrition but on the rhythm and duration of feedings: the more the baby sucks, the more milk there will be (obviously if he suckles correctly). Instead, nutrition will be important for the quality of the milk.

To support future mothers and new mothers in the production of milk, galactogenic plants have been used in herbal medicine for centuries. Among the galactogenic plants, the best known is the galega, but there are also others herbs to increase breast milk. Galega and other herbs to increase breast milk are contained in our specific natural breastfeeding natural supplements.

Read our post on breastfeeding and see our selection of breastfeeding natural supplements to experience these unforgettable moments of your life in a peaceful and natural way, for your and your little one’s well-being. staff

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  • abdominal swelling

    Abdominal swelling Aeris drops 20 ml

  • Sale! Lactation tea

    Lactation tea organic with Galega 100 gr