Discover the Mother tinctures prepared from fresh plants, by and by Specchiasol. Thanks to the mother tinctures it is possible to exploit the “phytocomplex” of the plant: they are obtained with a different alcohol content from plant to plant, respecting the Official Pharmacopoeia, in order to favor the extraction of the best active ingredients while leaving the typical characteristics of each plant unaltered. plant.

Mother tinctures, since they are obtained from fresh plants, can be considered as “living substances” containing a higher concentration of active ingredients than the dry plant.

Depending on the plant, the raw material consists of the whole plant or leaves, stems, stems, bark, wood, roots, fruits, seeds. Once selected, it is macerated in a quantity of water and alcohol calculated in such a way as to obtain a mother tincture at 1/10 of the alcoholic strength determined and specified for the single species to which the plant belongs. After at least 10 days the supernatant is decanted and collected and filtered on one side and the residue on the other. In general, the maceration times to prepare the mother tinctures vary from 10 to 21 days. the two liquids thus collected are mixed together; subsequently it is left to decant for 48 hours and it is filtered again. At this point the required alcoholic strength is verified, which is usually 65 °. They should be kept in a cool place and away from light.

You can use mother tinctures singly or in combination, depending on why they should be used. We are at your disposal for personalized advice. Also read our posts.

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  • Arctium lappa

    Arctium lappa: Burdock mother tincture 50 ml

  • Birch leaves

    Birch leaves extract: Birch mother tincture 50 ml

  • centella asiatica

    Centella asiatica mother tincture 50 ml

  • echinacea drops

    Echinacea drops: echinacea mother tincture 50 ml

  • eleutherococcus

    Eleutherococcus mother tincture 50 ml

  • Escholzia californica

    Escholzia californica mother tincture 50 ml

  • Fumitory

    Fumitory mother tincture 50 ml

  • Globe Artichoke

    Globe Artichoke mother tincture 50 ml

  • Sindrome pre mestruale

    Pre menstrual syndrome: Chaste tree M.T. 50 ml