Herbal Remedies

We are the professional herbalist with safe and high quality natural products.

Our herbalist shop offers the best of 100% made in Italy herbal remedies.

We guarantee our customers the security of purchasing high quality products, selected with scientific method by our qualified staff. In this department you can find:

Food supplements (natural food supplements): the supplements are to be used in order to maintain good health, prevent possible pathological states and integrate states of nutritional deficiency. Our supplements are based on research, science, technology, collaborations with university laboratories, university and professional knowledge in the herbal field and have been made in collaboration with Italian phytopreparators. Cutting-edge formulations.
Mother tinctures: the mother tinctures sold by Erboristeriacomo.it are all prepared from fresh plants.
Bud extractives: our bud extractives are macerated from fresh plants grown in Italy and prepared for decades according to the French School.
Natural herbal teas: we have selected functional and natural herbal teas for you.

Our staff is at your disposal for advice, information and clarifications.

Read the erboristeriacomo.it blog, it will introduce you to the magical world of herbal medicine, eco bio cosmetics and aromatherapy.

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