Specchiasol srl is a leading Italian company in the production of herbal and cosmetic products, made by combining the best of the herbal tradition with scientific research and the most modern technology.

Specchiasol has been able to draw from these immense treasures the wisdom necessary to transform the centuries-old herbal knowledge into modern phytotherapy. By constantly focusing on research and on the most innovative production technologies, it can also guarantee safe and effective products in full compliance with human physiology and the strong herbal tradition.

Founded in 1973 Specchiasol produces herbal teas for us professionals with notification of supplements, essential oils, mother tinctures, bud extracts, natural food supplements. 100% Made in Italy.

Specchiasol follows the entire production cycle: from the study and cultivation of raw materials in its Organic Farms, up to their transformation into finished products. A team of agronomists is constantly committed to following Specchiasol crops, meticulously careful to respect the biological time and the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Discover the Specchiasol products selected for you by Erboristeriacomo.it, We are at your disposal for any advice.

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  • abdominal swelling

    Abdominal swelling Aeris drops 20 ml

  • Aftersun Lotion

    Aftersun Lotion Verattiva 200 ml

  • Sale! ampelopsis weitchii

    Ampelopsis weitchii bud extract 50 ml M.G. 1DH

  • gel antinfiammatorio

    Anti inflammatory gel: Leni Complex gel 75 ml

  • Sale! Gemmoderivato Olivo 50 ml

    Arterial hypertension: Olive Bud Extract 50 ml

  • Sale! gemmoderivato di castagno

    Bad circulation in legs: Chestnut Bud Extract 50 ml

  • gemmoderivato rosmarino

    Biliary tract: Rosmarinus officinalis Bud Extract 50 ml

  • Sale! betulla

    Birch bud extract 50 ml – betula pubescens M.G. 1DH

  • Sale! betula pendula

    Birch Gems Bud Extract 50 ml (betula pendula) M.G. 1DH


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