Officina Umbra Handcrafted cosmetics

Officina Umbra: organic Italian handcrafted cosmetics. The company’s motto is “Officina Umbra: a natural lifestyle at your home, in the herbalist’s shop and in your beauty salon”.

Officina Umbra develops its own handcrafted cosmetics inspired by phytotherapy. It uses natural raw materials such as essential oils, vegetable butters, vegetable oils, extracts and active ingredients derived from organic farming. The company itself, immersed in the green Umbrian hills, cultivates and collects its medicinal herbs necessary for the preparation of natural cosmetics for the well-being and beauty of the body. In addition, all the processing steps necessary for the final development of the products are also carried out in his laboratory.

Officina Umbra’s handcrafted cosmetics, 100% Made in Italy, are made with vegetable ingredients, without silicones, petrolatum, parabens, SLS, TEA, MEA, etc. (substances that alter the protective barriers of the dermis, contributing to the development of dermatitis). The company rigorously uses surfactants of vegetable origin obtained from olive oil, sugars and vegetable substances that stand out for their low environmental impact and excellent skin tolerability. They gently cleanse the skin, do not alter the physiological pH of the skin, are not irritating and respect the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin.

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  • Aftershave sensitive skin

    Aftershave sensitive skin natural 100 ml

  • acqua di gio profumo

    Eau de Parfum Man inspired by Acqua di Gio profumo 50 ml

  • hypnotic poison

    Eau de parfum woman inspired by Hypnotic poison Dior 50 ml

  • Epsom salt bath bombs

    Epsom salt bath bombs: detox bomb Orange & grapefruit 100 gr

  • Eucalyptus bath bomb

    Eucalyptus bath bomb with Epsom salt 100 gr

  • sudorazione eccessiva

    Excessive sweating: Sweat gel feet & armpits

  • Natural shaving foam

    Natural shaving foam 150 ml delicate skin

  • Sale! pimple remover

    S.O.S. blackheads & pimple remover cream 50ml

  • Sale! burro karitè

    Shea butter organic and vegan ok 250 ml


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