Magnifica Essenza

The pure essential oils of Magnifica Essenza, a company based in Val di Fiemme, are born from the passion for the mountain territory and from the Gadoi Project. This project was born with the aim of acting as a flywheel for this fascinating territory, in great suffering in recent decades due to the economic crisis.

In the enchanting Valle di Fiemme, between the Trentino Alps, where you can find pure air and water and uncontaminated woods, the pure and precious essential oils of Magnifica Essenza are produced. You can use them for cosmetics, aromatherapy and for diffusion.

On we offer you the best pure and precious high quality essential oils that support Italian agriculture and mountain areas.

We are at your disposal for any advice on the choice of products.

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  • oli balsamici

    Balsamic Mix for adults 10ml (roll on)

  • oli essenziali rilassanti

    Essential oil for anxiety and relax blended 10 ml

  • Mosquito repellent for home

    Mosquito repellent for home diffuser 10 ml

  • Sale! Organic Frankincense essential oil

    Organic Frankincense essential oil 5 ml

  • Sale! olio essenziale pino mugo

    Organic Mountain Pine essential oil 5 ml

  • olio essenziale arancio dolce

    Sweet Orange Essential Oil pure 10 ml