Lumea Snail Slime

Lumea Snail slime is the Made in Italy brand of natural cosmetics with snail slime, of the agricultural company Val Tassobbio Canossa srl, in the province of Lecco. At the farm you can find both heliciculture and the direct cultivation of the ingredients present in its serums and snail slime creams.

Snail slime, the sovereign ingredient of Lumea, is microfiltered, that is, deprived of any bacterial, pathogenic and various impurities, guaranteeing purity.

Produced from Helix Aspersa Muller molluscs raised directly from the farm, the slime is used in cosmetics and medicine for its moisturizing, regenerative, soothing, exfoliating, lightening, purifying, normalizing and anti-aging properties.

Snail slime is a natural sebum regulator useful in case of acne, blackheads, dermatitis, oily or dry skin and irregular surface. Uniforms the complexion and skin discolorations such as spots and scars.

The natural cosmetics of Lumea are ideal for all skin types, produced in Italy and dermatologically tested. is the official dealer of the Lumea cosmetics brand.

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