Erboristeria Como

The staff of Erboristeria Como is graduated Herbal Technicians and we are happy to offer you the best natural food supplements, under our brand. They have been developed and tested in collaboration with the Italian Fitopreparatori association, with which is associated as a professional, and the University of Siena. They are also guaranteed by production laboratories registered both in Italy and at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Our team also offers you, under our brand, some organic and certified cosmetics with exclusive formulations for the face. They are designed to give you the best of natural and research.

Erboristeria Como was born with the intention of supporting Made in Italy, agriculture and Italian research. We are also proud to offer our customers products that are always selected in every formulation and ingredient. We are also always at your disposal to help you choose the product that could be right for you according to your needs and problems.

Our aim is also to always guarantee the professionalism and availability of herbal technicians graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Milan (and not just “nature lovers” or “natural”!) For your health and well-being. We believe it is essential to prevent diseases before treating them and that synthetic drugs are to be used only for what is strictly necessary since nature offers us more than you can believe.

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  • Allergic rhinitis treatment

    Allergic rhinitis treatment: PhytoAllergy nasal spray

  • anti age face cream

    Anti age face cream BIO with Lavendula 50 ml

  • anti wrinkle eye cream

    Anti wrinkle eye cream & Lips BIO Intensive 15 ml

  • anxiety and sleep

    Anxiety and sleep: Sleep&Rest drops 50 ml

  • Anxiety support

    Anxiety support: Ansioninax day 30 tablets

  • Arctium lappa

    Arctium lappa: Burdock mother tincture 50 ml

  • arnica for bruises

    Arnica for bruises and trauma: PhytoArnica Gel Strong

  • Sale! Best drink for kidney stones

    Best drink for kidney stones: Ceterach herbal tea 100 gr

  • Best dry eye drops

    Best dry eye drops: Fitoeye 15 ml Medical device


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