Erbe Nobili Spagyric Lab

Erbe Nobili is an Italian company specialized in the preparation of spagyric products useful for supporting the physiological functions of the organism and restoring the balance of all physical and psychic forces.

Erbe Nobili Spagyric Lab prepares its natural supplements in an 800 square meter laboratory in Puglia. Plants and other raw materials are rigorously selected respecting nature and man, following the natural rhythms of the macrocosm of which we are part.

The Erbe Nobili Spagyric Lab techniques for extracting the active ingredients of plants, although they make use of modern and highly professional tools, respect the ancient dictates of Spagyric science. The company, thanks to details of light, humidity and temperature, obtains a balanced and harmonious extraction of the phytocomplex that characterizes the plant. All this to capture the energy of nature and all the richness of the active principles of plants, capable of interacting and assisting the functionality of the human organism.

If you want to learn more about what spagyria is, go to our post.

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  • erberos

    Erectile dysfunction: Erberos 30 tablets

  • feverfew for migraines

    Feverfew for migraines 50 ml

  • Inflamed ear canal

    Inflamed ear canal: Otivin natural ear drops 15 ml

  • Sindrome pre mestruale

    Pre menstrual syndrome: Chaste tree M.T. 50 ml

  • Sage mother tincture

    Sage mother tincture 50 ml

  • Gambo Ananas

    Stem pineapple Mother Tincture 50 ml

  • Stonebreaker herb

    Stonebreaker herb Mother tincture 50 ml