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Serasan Syrup 125 ml

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Syrup based on Hawthorn, Linden, Passiflora, Escolzia, Chamomile. It is a natural product for sleeping. Also for children.

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Natural Syrups

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Natural syrup, concentrated, no alcohol. Serasan is a natural product for sleeping at the San Valle Laboratory.

Functional ingredients in 20 ml (two tablespoons): Honey 14522 mg, Hawthorn flowers and leaves e.s. 80, mg, Linden inflorescences e.s. 66 mg, Passiflora erba e.s. 66 mg, Escolzia aerial parts e.s. 40 mg, Chamomile flowers e.s. 26.5 mg.

Instructions for use: the product can be taken as such or diluted in a small quantity of lukewarm liquids (water, milk, tea or infusions). Once opened, use the product within 3 months.

Brand: San Valle 1967.

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