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Aeris Drops 50 ml

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Aeris, for abdominal swelling, is a supplement containing Chamomile extracts (promotes digestion and elimination of gas, relaxes the stomach and intestine muscles), Lemon balm (regulates gastrointestinal motility favoring the elimination of gases and also has a calming effect on the central nervous system ), Carvi (favors digestion and elimination of gases, regulating gastrointestinal motility).

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Product Description

Aeris, for abdominal swelling.
Instructions for use: 

25 drops, 3 times a day, as is or diluted in a little water, juice or milk, preferably before meals or as needed.

Functional ingredients: 

Chamomile flower heads d.e. titrated at 0.3% in total apigenin, Caraway fruit d.e., Lemon Balm leaves d.e. titrated at 4% in rosmarinic acid, chamomile flower head soft extract.

Brand: Specchiasol

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