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Primum Dren Acquaretico 500 ml

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Natural draining, to feel lighter. Primum Dren Acquaretico is an alcohol-free formulation based on extracts of Pilosella, Betulla, Java Tea, Dandelion, Solidago, Meliloto and concentrated juices. Naturally fights water retention, stimulating the elimination of excess fluids and counteracting skin imperfections caused by cellulite.

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Natural draining. Aquaretic.

Instructions for use: to optimize the physiological draining functions of the body, it is preferable to dilute the product in half a liter of water to drink during the day. As a rule, cycles of at least 15 days are recommended, to be repeated several times during the year or as needed. The presence of plant extracts and concentrated juices can affect the clarity of the final preparation. It is recommended to shake before use.

Functional ingredients: dried Pilosella extracts, Java tea, Dandelion, Solidago, Birch, Melilot, red orange bioflavonoids, concentrated plum and apple juices, potassium. No alcohol.

The functional components of "Primum Dren l'Acquaretico" are useful to facilitate the elimination of excess liquids and to combat water retention, in particular:
  •     in female swellings due to: water retention from menstrual cycle, water retention from oral contraceptive, water retention from menopause;
  •     in cases of swollen and heavy legs;
  •     in cases of swollen feet and ankles;
  •     in cases of swollen belly;
  •     in the presence of skin imperfections (cellulite);
  •     as an adjunct to antihypertensive treatments.
Packaging: 500 ml, bottle
Brand: Specchiasol.

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