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Bud Extract Silver Fir 50 ml

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Bud Extract Silver Fir (Abies pectinata) is recommended for the beneficial effects on the bone system: it favors the fixation of calcium; stimulates the staturo-weight growth; stimulates appetite. Indicated in: demineralization (in particular: children and adolescents), delayed-weighted delay, delayed consolidation of fractures, relapsing rhinopharyngitis, lack of appetite. Also for pyorrhea.

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Bud Extracts

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Instructions for use: it is generally recommended to take 20-30 drops of Bud Extract Silver Fir, 3 times a day, diluted in a large glass of water.

Curiosity from the scientific literature.
The Bud Extract Silver Fir turns out to be particularly indicated in pediatric age for the action of support to load the upper airways and for the trophic action to level of the skeletal apparatus. Pol Henry signaled first that the buds act in the growth stages, particularly at the bone level, so their prescription can play an important role in disorders and growth delays. Excellent mineralizing, Abies pectinata is in fact the gem that, favoring the mineral balance and the fixation of calcium in the bones, helps to fight the fragility of those subjects whose phosphocalcic requirements are high due to a fast growth. Therefore, it facilitates the harmonious growth of children and adolescents because, by determining an adequate phosphocalcic metabolism, it stimulates the weight-growth and erythropoiesis thereof. Because of its last value - Brigo and other authors report an organotropism towards the bone marrow - it can be considered a useful remedy in anemia of the child. Abies pectinata gems are also particularly suitable for children who are thin, slender, disappointed and who seem to grow only "in length" and in the treatment of so-called growth pains (gemmoderivato of Abete (Abies pectinata) 20-40 drops, diluted in water, 1-2 times a day for 20 days a month for at least 2 months). Excellent remineralizing, in the event of fracture, finally, it will facilitate bone consolidation.

The gems of the Silver Fir - according to Pol Henry- present an elective organotropism towards the lymphatic tissue, balancing its functionality, and are particularly indicated in children who have recurrent infections of the upper airways. Effective is the simultaneous administration (but at different times of the day) of gemmoderivato of Rosehip, both for anti-inflammatory properties and for the richness in vitamin C (stimulus immune defenses). In this case, in the literature, one of the examples of intake for prevention and treatment is: gemmoderivato of fir 20-40 drops diluted in water a day and gemmoderivato of rose hips 20-40 drops a day diluted in water, for a cycle of 20 days a month for 3 months.

In dentistry Abies pectinata will be important in the prevention and treatment of dental caries, in the fragility of dental enamel and in pyorrhea (gemmoderivato di Abete 20-50 drops, diluted in water, once a day for cycles of at least 3 months). In case of pyorrhea it can be associated with gemmoderivato of Betulla gemme (B. pubescens), able to stimulate the activity of the reticuloendothelial system, thus proving valid in inflammatory or infectious processes. An example of assumption reported in the literature for prevention and treatment is: gemmoderivato of fir 50 drops diluted in water to be taken before breakfast and 50 drops of gemmoderivato of Betulla gems diluted in water to be taken before bedtime, for cycles of 3 months

About products: In the preparation of bud extracts, Specchiasol strictly follows the methods that are clearly set forth in the monograph "Homeopathic Preparations", reported in the French Pharmacopoeia. In fact, the founder of Gemmotherapy was a Belgian doctor, Pol Henry. His studies have been thoroughly tested and clinically experimented by famous French scientists (Martin, Paqualet, Netien, Tetau, Bergeret etc.), who have proven how the effectiveness of bud extracts is due to the active properties contained in embryonic plant tissue only (buds, young sprouts, young roots ...), which  are instead lost or only found in traces in the mature parts of the plant.
Functional ingredients: Glyceric macerate of silver fir (Abies pectinata DC.) Gems

Brand: Specchiasol.

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