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For heavy and tired legs: Chestnut Bud Extract (Castanea Vesca) is recommended for its effective action in the lymphatic circulation of the lower limbs (legs), where it helps to eliminate the lymphatic stasis responsible for edema and the consequent sense of heaviness. Useful, in association, also for cellulite for circulatory disorders of menopause.

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Bud Extracts

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Instructions for use: It is generally recommended to take 50 drops per day of
Chestnut Bud Extract, diluted in a little water. It is recommended to take gemmoderivato in the evening before going to bed (Bruno Brigo).

Curiosity from scientific literature, associations:

In the treatment of cellulite it is generally associated with Rowan Bud Extract (Sorbus domestica), draining of the venous vessels, of which it completes the action. An example is the intake of 50 drops diluted in water of Rowan Bud Extract in the morning before breakfast and 50 drops diluted in water of Chestnut Bud Extract before bedtime, for cycles of 20 days a month for 2-3 months.

For the menopausal circulatory disorders we tend to associate the Chestnut Bud Extract with Cranberry Bud extract (Vaccinium Vitis Idaea) and the Rowan Bud Extract : an example from the literature is the use of the Cranberry Bud extract 50 drops diluted in water and of rowan 50 drops diluted in water, before breakfast, 50 drops diluted in water of Chestnut Bud extract for cycles of 20 days a month for 2-3 months.

Functional ingredients: Castagno glyceric macerate (Castanea vesca) Gems.

Brand: Specchiasol.

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