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Bud Extract Birch Gems 50 ml

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Bud Extract Birch buds (Betula pubescens) is particularly useful for its purifying properties.

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Bud Extracts

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Instructions for use: it is generally recommended to take 50 drops a day of Bud Extract Birch buds, diluted in a little water.

Curiosity from scientific literature and associations.

The intake of Birch buds Bud extract (Betula pubescens) determines an important purifying, draining, tonic-stimulating and stimulating the immune system with increased resistance to infections. In fact, the gems show a profound action at the level of the reticulo-endothelial system, which enhances both the anti-inflammatory and the detoxifying properties, thanks to which they can, among other things, prepare the body for the therapeutic action of other gemmoderivatives (or other medicines) with a more specific action against the pathology to be treated. Birch buds also act at the level of arterial and venous circulation (improved trophism of the vessels).

The anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating actions make the Bud Extract Birch buds a medicament of the febrile states and of the recurring infections of the airways. In the child it can be flanked by the Bud Extract Silver Fir and / or Rosa canina.

The gems also act at the level of the phosphocalcic metabolism and, for this reason, they have an undoubted action in the demineralization processes (osteoporosis) and in the growth disorders so, together with the spruce gemmoderivato, they are a precious remedy both in childhood and in the late age.

Bud Extract Birch buds is indicated in the treatment of painful joints and arthritis, as, by stimulating the immune system, the destruction of the cartilage is inhibited and the activity of the osteoblasts is stimulated. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and associated with the Black-currant Bud Extract (Ribes nigrum), it helps to decrease joint stiffness and the algic component. In this case, an example of intake from the literature is: Black-currant Bud Extract (Ribes nigrum) and Birch buds Bud extract to be taken 50 drops diluted in water for each before breakfast, Red grapevine Bud Extract 50 drops diluted in water before dinner, for 20 days and 10 break for cycles of 2-3 months.

Brand: Specchiasol.

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