Phytocosmetics is defined as that which uses products of plant origin without residues of pesticides and other chemicals. In fact, in the traditional cosmetics industry, compounds of petrochemical and synthetic origin are used in order to make it more durable over time and give it a dry and silky consistency.

Cosmetic products are formulations of active principles, that is the functional substances from which a predetermined beneficial effect is expected, and of excipients substances, called cosmetic base, which are chemically inert and play a purely supporting role to the active ingredients. For the formulation of phytocosmetic products, the cosmetic base, or excipient substance, should be as natural as possible, absolutely avoiding the use of parabens and other synthetic chemicals harmful to the skin, unfortunately still present in countless cosmetic products placed every day on the market, while the active ingredients will be exclusively of vegetable origin, extracted with methods that preserve as much as possible the characteristics of the phytocomplex (set of active ingredients that possesses a vegetable, a plant or the different components of it). Using the phytocomplex is the only way to reproduce the beneficial effect of a specific vegetable in its entirety, while maintaining the synergistic action of the various active ingredients.

In our phytocosmetic department we have selected for you the best about Made in Italy :

- some functional cosmetics that go well with our medical devices or natural supplements that we offer, as well as cosmetics with particular functionality to treat certain skin problems;

- as regards dermocosmetics, the EcoBio cosmeceutical products by Domus Olea, with products for skin and hair formulated and tested in collaboration with the University of Florence; among our other proposals in the cosmetic field, here is the Maternatura baby line (eco organic cosmetics) and Microcosmo (natural spreading products from Lake Como);

- for hair coloring: Specchiasol hair dyes with certified organic ingredients and for henna and dye herb lovers in general, products for natural hair coloring (Phitofilos certified dyeing herbs);

- the solar product line for children and adults, by Specchiasol and Microcosmo;

- the clay line, also useful in association with our Aromatherapy products.

Some definitions to clarify the type of products that you will find in Erboristeria Como:

Eco organic cosmetics is the cosmetics that protects the environment, the consumer and animals. In particular it promotes: the use of natural raw materials and from organic farming or from certified spontaneous collection; the absence of non-plant raw materials considered "at risk" or allergenic, irritating or with evidence of probable damage to human health.
For this reason it excludes: oil derivatives, silicones, carcinogens or substances that can cause environmental and ecological damage; genetically modified vegetable raw materials (GMOs) or irradiated with ionizing radiation. It also promotes the reduction of the environmental impact through the use of reduced and recyclable packaging, preferably from natural and renewable raw materials; production using the most modern eco-compatible techniques.

The Cosmeceutical, as defined by Prof. Gianni Proserpio (Italian university professor and author of several books on cosmetic and cosmeceutical techniques), is "the cosmetics performed according to the wishes of dermatologists", as, contrary to the masterly galenical recipes fully compiled by the dermatologist (and that the preparatory pharmacist is required to prepare without changing a comma), the cosmeceutical product is built on an excipient studied by the cosmetologist technician and contains one (or more) functional substances suggested by the dermatologist. The difference, in terms of organoleptic aspect and psychoreological response, is remarkable ". With Domus Olea Toscana, the first Tuscan cosmetic line was born, which aims to use local products as cosmetic ingredients and at the same time to promote them from a food point of view. Domus Olea produces Eco Biological Cosmeceuticals with a high content of active ingredients, in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Florence, to guarantee a high efficacy to the organic product. ICEA certified for EcoBio cosmetics, its products are free of GMOs, SLS, SLES, PEG, PPG derivatives, mineral oils, silicones and derivatives, aluminum and silicon derivatives and synthetic origin, carcinogenic or allergenic substances, aggressive surfactants, colorings synthetic, Parabens and allergenic preservatives, Environmentally harmful substances, Animal derivatives.

Believing to have selected only the best, we welcome you to our department !!!